Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith

This 2-week class will help you not just learn how to do the action of sharing your faith, but also becoming the kind of person God created you to be with regard to your relationships with non-Christians so that sharing your faith is natural. We go through tools to equip you to lead someone to Christ and to have spiritual conversations with people who do not yet know Jesus.

Date: 3/28-4/2   Cost: FREE

Time: TUESDAY 7:00PM – 8:30PM   Teacher: SHAYNE GIESE

Place: WAIKELE LOCATION   Prerequisites: NONE

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Prayer 201

This course has a focus on deliverance and inner healing in a ministry setting. It is only for those who are a part of a prayer ministry.

Date: 4/22/17   Cost: FREE

Time: SATURDAY 8:30-11:30AM   Teacher: PASTOR PAM ZUNIC



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Basic Classes

Basic Classes are for people who are just beginning their walk with God. These classes are designed to help you build a foundational relationship with Jesus and begin your journey with Him.


Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes are for those looking to build up their faith. If you have already begun your journey with God and want to grow closer to Him and become more like Him these classes are for you.


Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes are for those looking to go deeper. These classes are for people that have been walking with God for a while and have grown a lot and just want to go even deeper into what God has for them.