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ARISE is a movement of women rising up to their full expression in Jesus Christ; making a personal, local, and global impact!



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“I just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed your Hugs event at Paradise Cove.  It was spectacular!!!!  It was like having Christmas in March. We had a grand ole time and hope we can even just have more events like this. The effort and care from your organization and the volunteers means so much to us.  It made us feel very privileged and proud to be with such an incredible organization.  There were people at the event who were just kind enough to say, “come under the tent away from the hot sun”.  There was even this wonderful gent who offered to get a plate of food for our daughter, Natasha.  He was also a wonderful funny Emcee who called all the family names for gifts and also to the kind lady who encouraged me to bring home some food. Sincerest and huge thanks to Hugs and all the volunteers and the sponsors who made it possible for all of us families to participate and enjoy this event.  We are so happy to have participated.  What a beautiful day and what a lovely event with all the wonderful families.” -HUGS Mom


“Please pass on our gratitude to Inspire and all those who put their time into making Saturday a great day-my kid had fun and loved it. Thank you again for all you do for us.” -HUGS Mom


Another Mom, who’s family was visiting from Big Island said that her daughter loved being able to run around and play, since she had been in the hospital all week with her parents during her spring break. She loved that you could take the Legos home, and even took some extra so that she could give them to another HUGS sibling who wasn’t able to make it to the event.


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