Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. PROVERBS 22:6




We love providing an exciting and faith-filled environment for our little ones! Our team of staff and servants come together every weekend service to offer a free program for your keiki to enjoy while you take part in our weekend services! All of our locations of a variety of options for your children of all ages.


Upon arrival, check your children in with using the kiosk or sign-in sheet at our check-in stations. If you are new to Inspire Church, our team will assist you in registering your kids in for the first time, and then setting you up for a quick and easy check-in when you return. 



1. How old does my baby have to be to go to nursery?

6 months is the youngest we accept.

2. Can my children in varying ages stay together in the same classroom?

We understand new children may be hesitant to go into a new class by themselves. We will allow children to stay together with a few guidelines:
– Oldest child attends the Youngest child’s classroom, and not vice versa
– The next time they attend, parents take children to their respective classes for age-appropriate teaching
– We don’t recommend putting older kids in the nursery classes (1-3 years) for safety reasons and room ratio guidelines

3. When does KV/J12/JRHI open?

– Volunteers may drop their child off 30 minutes before the start of service
– Church attendees may drop their child off 15 minutes before the start of service

– Everyone must check out their child in-between services

4. What will my child do in KV/J12/JRHI?

– 1-2 year olds receive quality childcare
– 3 years and up have Fellowship/Play time, Age-appropri- ate Bible Teaching, Worship Music, Prayer, Crafts and/or Games to reinforce the Bible lesson and a break for water – We do not focus on Bible verse memorization, rather we desire kids learn a Bible concept which is often reinforced with hand motions and/or key phrases
– We teach offering and tithing and provide children an opportunity to give
– We do not provide snacks due to food allergies but parents are welcome to feed their child before and after service

5. Is my child safe in KV/J12/JRHI?

– All servants are background checked and are members of the church
– We have a 2-person rule so no adult is left alone with a child

– Security is by the door so only adults with a pick up tag may enter the area
– Medical Personnel is on hand in case an emergency occurs

– Entrances are locked during service times
– Unique ID numbers on tags make it easy to contact parents in the sanctuary
– Adults are not alone with kids in the restroom and pagers are used to contact parents who have children ages 3 and younger to assist with bathroom trips.
– We follow room ratio guidelines to ensure no adult is overwhelmed by the amount of kids he/she is asked to care for

6. Can my child serve?

– Students age 12-17 may serve independently of a parent or guardian.
– Students must be 16 years old to carry a baby
– Students must be 16 years old to serve in Elem and up

– Children under the age of 11 are welcome to serve ALONGSIDE a parent or guardian.

7. Do we accept children with special needs?

– It is helpful that parents disclose any medical conditions or behavioral issues their child may have so we are pre- pared and informed
– If a child needs one on one assistance, we ask that a par- ent or guardian stay with their child in his or her service

– We are currently working on providing children’s ministry for children with special needs. Please feel free to pass on our information to a parent.

Inspire Waikele

NURSERY: Ages 6 Months to 3 Years Old

PRESCHOOL: 4 Years Old to 1st Grade

ELEMENTARY: 2nd Grade to 4th Grade

Inspire Mililani

NURSERY: Ages 6 Months to 3 Years Old

PRESCHOOL: 4 Years Old to 1st Grade

ELEMENTARY: 2nd Grade to 4th Grade

Inspire Honolulu

NURSERY: Ages 6 Months to 3 Years Old

ELEMENTARY: 4 Years Old to 4th Grade

STRIVE, A Program for Children with Special Needs: Available at INSPIRE WAIKELE every 1st and 3rd Saturday. Contact Susan Okamura for more information.