Bake a Blessing

Bake a Blessing

Bake a Blessing

Bake-a-Blessing Outreach Ministry provides personalized birthday cakes for children & youth who, due to circumstances, would not have one on their special day. We are a team of volunteers who bake, decorate, pray over, and deliver birthday cakes for youth under the age of 18.


In addition to our Bake-a-Blessing Birthday Cakes, we also provide baked “blessings” throughout the year for various community outreaches and Inspire Church events.


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Ministry Testimonials


From: A young girl, incarcerated at Hale Hoomalu, disappointed that her family didn’t even visit her on her birthday.  Here is a direct quote from her note:


“Thank you.  I know you guys will be very bless.  You made my day!  Yesterday i cryed cuz no one cared it was my brithday, but i came here & wow you guys made my day!” 


Fabian and Mona Loo, Hawaii Director, All Things Possible Ministries wrote:


“Some cry, some beam from ear to ear, all are extremely blessed that a complete stranger would so something as huge as baking a cake to celebrate their birthday.  They go without ‘amenities’ and ‘extras’ so they really appreciate birthday cakes.  It makes them feel special!”


Victor & Eileen Marx, President & Founder, All Things Possible Ministries:


“You may never know the impact of giving a simple cake, but these kids will never forget getting their own birthday cake!” “So many of these kids have never had a birthday cake, can you imagine how they feel getting their own birthday cake while incarcerated?”