Items to remember:

-Bring Proper equipment (instruments, earphones, cables, drumsticks, etc.)

-Bottled Water or Water Jug, with cap. Hydration is key!


Parking Location

Worship Team Area:

Stage Right – stay clear of line of sight from any congregation view. Please keep belongings stowed away and be very careful on volume levels backstage.

Microphone specifics:

LEADER and HH Mics will use standard alkaline batteries ONLY. Leader and HH Mics should not use rechargeable batteries.

Standard SHURE Mics (VOX) can utilize rechargeable batteries, which need to be placed back in to chargers once they are done with.

Pack Specifics:

Identify with Sound Engineer which packs belong to which person at the beginning of each rehearsal.


Honolulu Setup:

Please act quickly at call time to expedite setup. The priority should be to setup the drumset and sound towers, working together with the sound engineer to complete this. Chords and Mics should then be sorted, and individual equipment should be setup. Vocalists not doing anything should be helping the stage and screen setup until it is time to begin rehearsal.