Items to remember:

-Bring Proper equipment (instruments, earphones, cables, drumsticks, etc.)

-Bottled Water or Water Jug, with cap. Hydration is key!


Parking Location

Parking location applies to SUNDAY ONLY. Servants are allowed to park onsite at Inspire Mililani for Saturday Services.

Worship Room:

STEWARDSHIP – we are all responsible for the upkeep of our new facility. Please keep the trash empties and the noise volume low.

Microphone specifics:

LEADER and HH Mics will use standard alkaline batteries ONLY. Leader and HH Mics should not use rechargeable batteries.

Standard SHURE Mics (VOX) can utilize rechargeable batteries, which need to be placed back in to chargers once they are done with.

Pack Specifics:

Identify with Sound Engineer which packs belong to which person at the beginning of each rehearsal.